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WHAT is "SMILES in Life": As the name suggests, this program has been created to bring joy to our "hearts" while doing our daily activities at work or at home.  SMILES stands for Stressfree Motivating Inquisitive Learning Eco System.

Its a Non Government, Not for Profit, Global Social initiative to promote physical, mental and emotional well being for the common man. It generates an intrinsic motivation to enjoy stress free, healthy and compassionate way of learning, working and living.

Recently, our SMILES in Education has been recognized as "Top 100 Global Innovations in Education for 2020 &  2019" during the Innovation Summit held in Helsinki, Finland for 2 consecutive years.

WHY: In today's highly competitive and fast paced life, whether we are a professional, student or a  homemaker, there are several occasions every day when we get stressed up or frustrated with what we are doing. We do these things half heartedly or under pressure and may even think of giving up. But if, during such moments, using quick but powerful anchors if we can become a little more mindful and start enjoying what we have, it will bring SMILES on our faces and hearts while improving our productivity as well.

HOW: SMILES in Life changes our mindset towards our work and life by providing various positive programming mindfulness techniques based on neuroscience and yogic research. These quick and simple 1-2 minute techniques and anchors train us on how to bring back our emotions and thoughts and sustain focus on the present task, enjoy it and achieve our Inner Happiness. This can be done without taking any break or any extra time or expertise.

In nutshell, SMILES in Life is a way of enjoying every activity and moment of our precious life without doing too much different than what we do today. 

Begin your SMILES journey today by registering for free beginners workshops we offer under programs section.

Read about Vishal Sharma, Founder of SMILES in Life Foundation.

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